Introducing the World’s First Buoyant Smart phone

The world expects better technology in the smart phone industry – it needs a new way of thinking. This is why Comet was born and why we’re bringing it to indiegogo.

Comet was designed with the core belief that smart phones are not merely devices, but extensions of who we are. Smart phones are becoming the primary way we reach out to people around the globe. This means your phone is not just a device, but a custodian of your life and its countless experiences. As a result, Comet is not merely a smart phone, but a true extension of the person.

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Water resistant

Comet will be IP67 certified . Dont’t panic if your comet gets wet . You’re covered .

Q Lock

Speak Securely , Speak with Confidence™ Qlock utilizes Military Grade 256 bit AES to encrypt voice communications .

Mood recognition

Advanced bio-metric sensors read your body temperature and detect your mood. Comet displays a specific color that describe users mood.

Technical Specifications

People Powered

Great things happen with the power of the people behind them. Comet is no different.

Prashant R Urs

 Founder, CEO and Inventor

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An Innovator and engineer, inspired to create a cologne that smells Technology.Dedicated to developing and implementing futuristic Innovations. My passion is inventing new, more powerful and profitable ways to listen creatively to consumers and then turning the insights that emerge into business ideas that generate great revenue. Specialties- Innovation, Conceptualization, product development, consumer insights, presentation, market research, globalizing, team- building and collaboration, high-level relationships.

Matthias Mende

Chief Business Development Officer

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Over the course of 10 years, Matthias Mende has built a unique position in the fostering of relationships in business. Building and nurturing strong partnerships is the main focus of Matthias’ work. Using his excellent interpersonal skills, Matthias is able to build strong relationships with partners and clients in the most effective way. Having travelled extensively to conventions and key business events across the globe, Matthias has positioned himself well with relevant decision-makers in positions of influence and authority. Focused on understanding the needs of the client and getting the best possible results, Matthias’ competency promotes an ethic of client service and an understanding and anticipation of a client’s changing needs.

Ian Brewster

Chief Operating Officer

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Ian is a Director at an investment bank, helping clients approach and craft strategies in today’s dynamic capital and M&A markets. Ian has worked in the public sector, primarily tasked with implementation projects in youth programs, technology and telecommunications, for 15 years prior to starting his career in investment banking. He brings to bear an uncommonly active network that span both public and private sectors. Ian has studied both physics and philosophy and is also an accomplished writer and award winning documentary producer.

Gareth Tilley

Chief Marketing Officer

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Gareth has vast experience in Product Development, Marketing Strategy,Business Strategy, Sales Management, Brand Development, Merchandising & Social Media Marketing to name but a few. Gareth also has numerous contacts globally across many different fields of Business and works closely with several of the world’s Top Organizations & Top Athletic superstars & Celebrities. Gareth`s Drive & Enthusiasm are second to none and makes him a formidable force when it comes getting the task ahead done.

Evan Varsamis

Head of Sales & Marketing

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Evan Varsamis is an Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at The Gadget Flow and UI Designer. During the past years he has been practicing Growth Hacking and various user acquisition techniques. His work has been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, PCMag, Fortune and Open Coffee.

Jared Sanborn

Chief Public Relations Officer

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Jared Sanborn is an entrepreneur from New York City, with over 12 years of experience in starting, running and maintaining businesses. In addition, Jared is well versed in the fields of promotion, marketing, public relations, press, SEO, social media marketing, branding and overall internet presence.He also has a degree in audio engineering and entertainment business. His experience ranges from the entertainment industry in music such as artist development and promotion with high-profile celebrities. His other stellar skills include event planning/logistics and promotion. His diverse skill set has afforded him the ability to work closely with start-ups and small businesses with their marketing, publicity and branding and now crowdfunding efforts. Jared​ ​has a background in online marketing and currently f​ocuses on Web Optimization for all clients at BilquisOcon PR. BilquisOcon PR is a Public Relations, Web Optimization, Imaging, Branding, Marketing and Consulting firm that works with companies to help them better express their products/services​ ​in the largest market of the world.


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