Introducing the World’s First Buoyant Smart phone

The world expects better technology in the smart phone industry – it needs a new way of thinking. This is why Comet was born.

Comet was designed with the core belief that smart phones are not merely devices, but extensions of who we are. Smart phones are becoming the primary way we reach out to people around the globe. This means your phone is not just a device, but a custodian of your life and its countless experiences. As a result, Comet is not merely a smart phone, but a true extension of the person.

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Water resistant

Comet will be IPx7 certified . Dont’t panic if your comet gets wet . You’re covered .

Encryption options

Optional total encryption for governments, corporations etc and an optional encrypted section of the phone for everyone else.

Mood recognition

Advanced bio-metric sensors read your body temperature and detect your mood. Comet displays a specific color that describe users mood.

Technical Specifications

People Powered

Great things happen with the power of the people behind them. Comet is no different.

Prashant R Urs

 Founder, CEO and Inventor

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An Innovator and engineer, inspired to create a cologne that smells Technology.Dedicated to developing and implementing futuristic Innovations. My passion is inventing new, more powerful and profitable ways to listen creatively to consumers and then turning the insights that emerge into business ideas that generate great revenue. Specialties- Innovation, Conceptualization, product development, consumer insights, presentation, market research, globalizing, team- building and collaboration, high-level relationships.

Jared Sanborn

Vice President of Marketing

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Jared Sanborn is an entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in starting, running and maintaining businesses. In addition, Jared has helped other businesses in the fields of promotion, marketing, public relations, press, SEO, social media marketing, branding and overall internet presence. As an artist with experience running businesses in the entertainment industry, he understands the integrity and attention to detail required for success. His other stellar skills include event planning/logistics and general promotion. His diverse skill set has afforded him the ability to work closely with start-ups and small businesses, on marketing, publicity and branding; along with A & B-list artists, on start to finish concert planning and execution. Recently, he was head of Web Optimization at Bilquis Ocon PR, which is a Public Relations, Web Optimization, Imaging, Branding, Marketing and Consulting firm. Bilquis Ocon PR worked with companies to help them better express their products/services in the largest market of the world; New York City. He is now Vice President of Marketing for Comet; THE WORLD’S FIRST BRILLIANT PHONE!

B R Gautam

Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development

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A seasoned Marketing Professional with nearly 20 years of proven success in business operations involving Marketing, Business Development, Product Launches, & Client Relationship Management in various fields. A keen planner & strategist in managing business operations with focus on top-line & bottom-line performance and expertise in determining company’s mission & strategic direction as conveyed through policies & corporate objectives. He has hands on experience in managing & leading sales functions, & achieving sales & revenue targets. He is also proficient in devising marketing / distribution activities for ameliorating revenue growth with proven abilities in driving growth through leadership in highly competitive markets. Gautam is an effective communicator with team leadership skills, problem solving & organizational abilities, along with a flexible & detail oriented attitude.

Beltkiss Sanborn

 Creative Director

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Beltkiss is a PR Guru, publicist, seasoned event manager, brand ambassador and lifestyle blogger with over 12 years experience. She worked her first promotional campaign while in college and has worked hundreds since. This experience afforded her a chance to travel to lots of cool places and attend fun events. She met lots of awesome people and other promotional professionals that she communicates with till today. Most recently she worked as an independent contractor for several brands such as; Facebook, Verizon and Samsung. As Creative Director for Comet Core, she continues to use this experience and gained connections to further Comet’s initiatives.

Thomas Tang

Technical Advisor

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A seasoned product development professional with extensive experience in engineering design and project management as well as leading teams to design and develop award-winning products and technology solutions for Global 500 companies in consumer electronics, healthcare and FMCG industries. Converted many innovative ideas into realities. With great interest and enthusiasm in innovation, technology research and development, he spearheaded and managed research and development projects in Nokia with technical teams in Singapore, Japan and Finland as well as university and manufacturers to develop technology solutions for mobile devices. Three technology solutions were adopted widely in mobile devices. His skills range from innovation and product development (research to mass manufacturing), project management, engineering design, engineering team management, technology research and development, project planning, budgeting, design for manufacturing and design for assembly (DFM & DFA), CAD, computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided verification (CAV), FEA simulation, thermal analysis, tolerance analysis, risk management, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 QMS, rapid prototyping and 3D printing, design verification testing, process capability study (Cpk study), statistical process control (SPC), manufacturing processes of plastic and metal components and consumer products, and surface decoration technologies.


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